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More about Disposable Beer Glasses and Disposable Plastic Pint Glasses available from Partyplastics

Disposable pint glasses and disposable half pint plastic glasses are perfect when having a party or an event where one of the main worries is breakages. With traditional pint glass no matter how careful there will always be some breakages.

Disposable pint glasses are cheap and great on saving on the washing up, however some can be safely washed and reused, all disposable beer glasses stocked in our web store can be recycled or if you select our biodegradable products these can be composted for the ultimate in eco-friendly disposable drinkware.

Polypropylene Disposable Plastic Beer Glasses

Polypropylene disposable plastic beer glasses make for flexible plastic pint glasses that do not crack or shatter into sharp pieces, they look slightly opaque in appearance when empty. They are sometimes known as 'flexi' glasses as the cheaper vacuumed formed pint glasses mean that they can become wobbly and difficult to handle. PartyPlastics's polypropylene beer glasses are just thick enough offer a stable, easy to handle, glass when full whilst delivering a value for money product.

Polypropylene glasses are often used at festivals and other outdoor events and even in pubs, bars and night clubs as their shatter proof nature makes them very difficult to use as a weapon.

One of the latest products that combines tough polypropylene with practicality which is perfect for use at large out door evens where multiple pints of a beverage are bought by a single person at the same time is the Stack-Cup. Its practical, great to drink from and is 100% recyclable, for a better idea on how the Stack-cup works have a look at the video below.

For more information on polypropylene you can visit wikipedia here.

Crystal Polystyrene Plastic Glasses

Crystal polystyrene disposable beer glasses are a more rigid type of plastic pint glass, these pint glasses are better looking and completely clear. Because they don't flex they can be filled much faster than polypropylene glasses which enables bar staff to work faster. Crystal styrene disposable plastic glasses will shatter and are therefore not a practical option for use at many outdoor events due to the higher time required to clean up after the event. Crystal polystyrene glasses are best for more sophisticated indoor events where fully reusable glasses are not an option. Crystal polystyrene beer glasses are commonly used events such as wedding receptions. For more information on polystyrene you can visit wikipedia here.

Biodegradable Plastic Beer Glasses

Biodegradable plastic pint glasses are made from polylactic acid (PLA) and do not the usual petrochemicals which most other plastic are made from. Glasses made from PLA offer a more environmentally responsible alternative to plastic. PLA based biodegradable plastic beer glasses are 100% compostable but need to be composted in a commercial composter not your own compost heap. These glasses are smash resistant, and due to the nature of the materials, they won't splinter if broken.

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