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Examples of the classic Plastic Beer Glass and Plastic Pilsner Glass styles

There are there many different types of plastic beer glasses, from traditional plastic Nonic beer glasses to the elegantly slim plastic Pilsner glass or the straight american plastic beer glass. These glasses commonly follow the same shapes and styles with only small differences in shape to improve their rigidity. Each style has its own name and which has historically been used for drinking specific types of beer.

Some of the more common plastic beer glasses are:

The Classic Plastic Pint Glass

They are some times called Plastic Tulip Pint Glasses, classically flared from the middle to the rim of the beer glass. They are most often used to serve stouts, porters and ales.

The Plastic Nonic Beer Glass or Plastic English Pint Glass

This plastic pint glass classically has a bulge round the entire glass about about two finger widths from the top of the glass and is typically used for serving ales and lagers.

The Plastic German Pint Glass or Plastic Willybecher Glass

A willybecher traditionally has a thick glass bottom which gently curves out and back into the rim. This glass shape is commonly used to serve black beers and lagers.

The Plastic Wheat Beer Glass

This glass is much taller than the average pint glass, with a slim bottom curving out towards the rim. This is an elegant glass which provides room for foamy head to beers and lagers.

The American Plastic Pint Glass or Plastic Shaker Glass

This style of glass is the most common type of beer glass used in America, it typically has a straight taper from a smaller bottom to a wider rim and is the perfect glass for American lagers.

The Plastic Pilsner Glass

Plastic Pilsner glasses can be smaller than a pint glass and are typically tall and slender with a straight taper from the foot to a wider rim. These glasses are used to serve light beers and Pilsner larger. The glass shape helps to show off the colour, effervescence and clarity of the Pilsner larger whilst at the same time maintaining a foamy head to the beer.

The Plastic Tulip Beer Glass

The body is round and bulbous, but the top flares out to form a lip which helps hold the head of the beer and trap the aroma. This is a great glass for serving ales, aromatic beers and barleywines.

The Plastic Stange, Stick, Stuck or Straight Beer Glass

A very simple glass with a simple cylinder shape typically used for German Kolsch and Alt beers but now often used for lagers.

The Plastic Thistle Beer Glass

The glass is shaped like a Scottish thistle blossom and is used for serving Scottish ales. A very similar design is also known is the Plastic Hurricane Pilsner Beer Glass and is used for serving lagers.

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